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Do you silently Tolerate? Try this instead

Tolerating is like trying to magically create a new option where it cannot exist. Tolerating is using a lot of energy in not taking an option and trying to stay in the middle ground. You will tire eventually and either give up or burst out in anger. there are two positive options while relating to imperfections in people.

Why your core competency is your achilles heel

To achieve and sustain breakthrough growth leaders need to anticipate and shape markets of the future. One important step in this process is to determine how your existing paradigms and competencies can threaten or stifle the full development of a completely new future.


Facilitator, HR Consultant

I reached out to Latha as a Coach. She is thoroughly professional and meticulously picks up the threads of our conversation. She helped me delve deeper into my mental recesses ,identify my blind spots and iron them out. She showed a rare combination of gentleness and empowerment to do things at my pace, but nudged me to keep the momentum going. She is a wonderful sounding board and held up the mirror for me to reflect. Just talking to her made me feel unburdened and created the environment for me develop greater clarity. A well informed person who is open and humorous, I looked forward to our connect sessions. I looked for a coach and gained a friend. Thanks Latha for your warm and involved interactions.

Aparna Chandrasekar

” The “Write Right” is a simple, practical and hands on program by Latha. The best part is this program will get you to write your first blog or book even if you have never written before.”

Senthil Raj. A

Happiness, Performance & Life Coach and Best Selling Author of “Compulsive Living to Conscious Living”

Senthil Raj. A