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Conversations, Collaboration and Coaching are the three interwoven rings to great Millennial Leadership

It is how leaders ignite passion, teams collaborate, engage and get things done in this artificially intelligent, human led world.

Through my coaching, workshops and writing, I reach out to individuals and teams to increase their inspirational capacity, team engagement and productivity.

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Recent Chatter

Recent Chatter

To work on your truth, to not hide away behind facades and lies of fear, laziness, resistance; to work towards your truth without violence to nature, others or the ecosystem.

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What makes Modi a favorite among the millennials?
What lessons in conversational leadership can his speech teach Millennials?
What are the learnings from the speech as a leader? A manager? A speaker? A listener? A learner?

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“The current generation has stumbled on an incredibly powerful and important model for changing the world and the workplace: the network.” The ten themes around which the Millennials today work and lead creates a paradigm shift in the dynamics of Organizational working.

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Inclusive conversation means having a talk in such a way that everyone understands, feels free to express themselves and accepts the differences in people. This sounds easy but is not. The most common misconception in inclusive workforce is the illusion that having a diverse workforce will automatically mean inclusive work culture.

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What does conversational leadership actually mean in the everyday working life of a leader?

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A small tiny habit change that is easy to do, does not take time and is too small to actually fail.
When it comes to communication, such micro habits are enough to bring a smile on people and improve relationships. Here are a list of 9 such micro habits that when done for a period of time can change your life.

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Reading is Learning

Your delight is my only motivation

” The “Write Right” is a simple, practical and hands on program by Latha. The best part is this program will get you to write your first blog or book even if you have never written before.”

Senthil Raj. A

Happiness, Performance & Life Coach and Best Selling Author of “Compulsive Living to Conscious Living”

” Latha was not only able to explain the importance of communication to my team
but was also able to make them experience it first hand with her well planned
hands on exercises and activities. Although it was a daylong training, there was
not a single dull moment and my team was completely involved. “

“The communication training was really valuable and the instructor was very engaging and knowledgeable. I never felt like training was boring or slow. The interactive structure and the entertainment portions were really good and useful. Thank you so much! Latha Vijaybaskar was exceptional facilitator as well. You are pillars in creating great sales professionals and I wish all success going forward.”

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