Timeless lessons from Gandhi for Millennials

As we celebrate 150 years of Mahatma Gandhi’s birth this year, I wonder what lessons do the younger generation – The millennials and Gen Z identify with Gandhi – a man who lead a remarkable life, bringing dramatic change to the minds of Indians.

Do they stop to imbibe the lessons of Gandhi or is it just another school debate topic? A platform to showcase your talent, not your learnings?

Do the teachings of Gandhi hold good in today’s world? Can we still use truth, non violence and simplicity to command leadership?

Should we reimagine what Gandhi’s lessons actually meant and maybe understand the timelessness of it?

I find a few lessons equally if not more important now than during pre independent India.

1. At the foremost, Gandhi’s struggle was about people. It was for humanity. He fought against British colonization to give our country freedom, but he also fought for equality among Indians on the basis of caste, economy etc. He fought with the elite to embrace swaraj.

The inclusive leadership that the millennials so want was lived by Gandhi.

2. Gandhi’s twin principles of truth and nonviolence are not two high principled silos that should be used only in times of crisis. It is a seamless theme in passion. Shifting the passion to the most important aspect ( at that time the freedom struggle) that it becomes your only truth and to live a life with passion focussed on your truth and yet not violate any other person’s space.

One of the biggest lessons from Gandhi is this one of passion

Millennials today need to embrace this passion. 

To work on your truth, to not hide away behind facades and lies of fear, laziness, resistance; to work towards your truth without violence to nature, others or the ecosystem.

Gandhi is not a person – he is a peerless mind with timeless wisdom

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