How can leaders clarify expectations, help their team learn from their mistakes and build their confidence? The post explains 6 steps to effective feedback
What makes Modi a favorite among the millennials? What lessons in conversational leadership can his speech teach Millennials? What are the learnings from the speech as a leader? A manager? A speaker? A listener? A learner?
Inclusive conversation means having a talk in such a way that everyone understands, feels free to express themselves and accepts the differences in people. This sounds easy but is not. The most common misconception in inclusive workforce is the illusion that having a diverse workforce will automatically mean inclusive work culture.
What does conversational leadership actually mean in the everyday working life of a leader?
A small tiny habit change that is easy to do, does not take time and is too small to actually fail. When it comes to communication, such micro habits are enough to bring a smile on people and improve relationships. Here are a list of 9 such micro habits that when done for a period of time can change your life.