• What does it mean to be a leader in today’s business landscape?
  • How do Millennials lead and want to be led?
  • What if leadership could be developed as a natural self-expression of every human?

These are the questions that I have explored and researched for the last 4 years and coupled with my 16 years experience across educational institutions and industry have developed a leadership model for the millennials – MiLeStrokes (awaiting patent)

I am a retired teenager who is optimistic and audacious enough to believe deep conversations and engaging collaboration will inspire action with remarkable celerity. Latha Vijaybaskar

I help millennials in the workplace to be game-changers and leaders by

  • Facilitating development of collaborative, high performance teams
  • Mastering conversations that build relationships and get things done.
  • Turning your team into a think tank
  • Creating innovation and leadership to leverage disruption today.

A leadership coach, facilitator, visiting faculty, speaker and best selling author I work at the intersection between leadership and organizational communication.

Through my keynotes, coaching, workshops and writing, I reach out to individuals and teams to increase their inspirational capacity, team engagement and productivity. I have worked with multiple businesses in leveraging their millennial workforce to be strength rather than a problem to be solved.

As a coach, I work with both individuals and executive teams who have admitted to showing remarkable improvements in their engagement with peers and customers. I have coached over 250 hours and am a certified leadership coach.

I run immersive facilitation and coaching programs to bring out the leader in all of us.

My recent book 21 Difficult Conversations – Tools to navigate your most important talk and master exactly what to say is both a bestseller and is used as a reference book in MBA colleges.

Academically my doctoral degree is focused on the impact of Internal corporate communication on employee engagement. I hold three masters degrees, one in Psychology, one in management and an M.Phil.

Certifications and accreditations:

  • Certified Leadership Coach – Certified Coaches Alliance, USA
  • Certified Executive Coach – Certified Coaches Alliance, USA
  • Certified practitioner of Marshall Goldsmith’s GLA360
  • Doctoral Research in employee engagement and communication.

Connect with me for a chat or catch me over a cup of coffee to explore how you or your millennial teams can develop into better leaders

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