My Journey

I am first a bookworm. My world inside the pages of the book along with a childhood with lots of travels and transfers taught me one thing – Conversations can solve most problems.

A lifetime of healthy appreciation for communication encouraged by those numerous awards at school and college debates and writing contests made me learn the field of business communication formally. Equipped with three masters degrees – one in psychology, one in management an M.Phil and a doctoral thesis in internal corporate communication made my interest into an overwhelming passion and a natural career choice.

Dr Latha VijaybaskarToday I am a professional and academic communication specialist, coach, speaker and author of the book – 21 Difficult Conversations; Tools to navigate your most important talk and master exactly what to say. I work at the intersection between employee engagement and organizational communication.
Trained and experienced in interpersonal, managerial, leadership and corporate communications, I have worked with individuals and Organizations in Real Estate, IT, Financial Sector, Retail and Academia.
As a coach, I work with both individuals and executive teams who have admitted to showing remarkable improvements in their engagement with peers and customers.

As visiting faculty at B-Schools in India, teaches Organizational Behavior and Business Communications to the future managers and leaders.

Do you want

  • Your team to jump to action?
  • Win every argument?
  • Make those difficult customers vanish?

Alas! I cannot change your team or colleague or customer. But I CAN help you

  • Discover your conversation style and leverage it.
  • Ask better questions and listen effectively.
  • Build rapport and deeper relationships.
  • Convert debates to inspiring discussions.

You can expect me to:

  • Challenge your perceptions
  • Channel your strengths
  • Create your communication road map

I will ask you to:

  • Be curious
  • Become aware
  • Challenge yourself
  • Reach towards the truer YOU.