Are you living the life you want?

When you are the author of your life and career, you live a powerful and fulfilled life. I coach  you to re-story your life, rediscover your strengths and rewrite your leadership narrative.

To get that loving nudge or insightful exploration, to move out of your trench to the world of possibilities explore your options 

There are five trenches that could sink your career and undermine your happiness.

To Author your life, To reclaim your career, you need to

1. Not working towards your dream

2. Not leveraging your strengths

3. Not identifying the true villain

4. Not holding Vital Conversations

5. Not being comfortable with change and chaos

  1. Ignite your dreams
  2. Become the Hero of your story
  3. Meet your shadows and villains
  4. Lead every conversation
  5. Develop adaptive resilience