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The conversational leadership coaching to Latha has always been a narrative process. She works with the coachee by understanding the ‘story’ from the coachee’s perspective. Transformations in leadership by creating space for engaged conversations, shared vision, working with varied generations, getting things done, using conversations as a core business process are some goals to look into

The coaching itself consists of the

  1. Assessment tools to understand the participant.
  2. Narration of the story, rewinding to understand the process, roles and responsibilities in the narration, emotional intelligence and awareness, understanding all other points of view.
  3. When required, visual card game – to deepen the process, appreciative inquiry
  4. Rewrite the transformed narrative and understand personal triggers in decision making.

As a coach, Latha works with both individuals and executive teams who have admitted to showing remarkable improvements in their engagement with peers and customers. Dr Latha is a certified practitioner of Marshall Goldsmith’s GLA360 for leadership assessment. With over 100+ coaching hours Latha is currently pursuing her certification in Leadership coaching and in being an Executive coach.

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