Masterstrokes – Reinventing Leadership in Uncertain Times

Masterstrokes – Reinventing Leadership in Uncertain Times is a captivating business parable, a dialogue between a CEO and his mentor in leading a business in times when decision making challenges increases as unknowns multiply. Deep research in positive psychology, millennial leadership and appreciative inquiry, meshed in a coaching dialogue with powerful questions, wrapped in layers of enchanting stories from fiction, mythology, history, successes and failures of past leaders creates a fascinating read.

Masterstrokes as a book will walk you through:

  • Masterful insights through the humanistic approach of stories so that you understand the real field of leadership, accept the shadows lurking inside you & your team and unlock the map of your leadership journey
  • A research backed 7 step model, STROKES, proven to help you adeptly manage the transition to a new path by creating shared vision, building engagement, and leading dynamic action
  • A step by step method to script your leadership narrative and turn your passion to a vision to a success.
  • Tools and techniques that you can immediately apply to build your self-leadership, race towards uncertainty and lead the changing followership.


“Journeys get easier when the map is good. The seven-step plan in Masterstrokes is just the roadmap you need to navigate the future in your own leadership journey. Don’t leave home without it!”

Prakash Iyer, Leadership Coach and Motivational Speaker

“Leadership is a journey, one where different leaders end in different destinations—true leadership is exhibited more in the journey, showing the Being of the leader. This book brings into exploration of the Being of the leader—awareness, action, facing uncertainty, reflection, ownership and, more importantly, purpose. Dr Latha easily transcends the various components of leadership, as if she is a commentator in the journey like a Sanjaya in Mahabharat. This will be a landmark book on leadership—one that I will read multiple times.”

R. K. T. Krishnan, Country Head, Corporate Sales at Royal Sundaram General Insurance Co.

Dr Latha’s latest work, comes at a timely juncture, reminding leaders—new and existing—that leadership is a journey and a narrative that needs to involve and engage all. ‘We must change the way we do business in this world of permanent excess supply,’ a quote from the book that is a fitting reminder of how the world has changed and that no individual leader can be a superhero to thrive in the longer run. Dr Latha cleverly weaves in stories whilst unfolding the leadership narrative through her seven-step model (STROKES) that can help you rewrite your leadership story.

Janet Yung, Chief Learning Officer & Director, Trilogy People Performance Consultancy