Meet Latha

Dr Latha Vijaybaskar catalyzes positive transformations. She coaches teams and individuals to lead, engage and inspire action. As founder and CEO of V.I.T.A.L Conversations, Latha is on a mission to enhance productive engagement and positive leadership.

Working with Latha, people learn to

  • Lead Positive through uncertainty and change
  • Talk Positive to influence, engage and performance
  • Build Positive culture in your team and Organisation
  • Discover the Return of Positive Conversations in extraordinary results

Latha brings along ~20 years of experience in training and teaching, working across corporate, education and social sectors. She has coached, trained and taught over 2000 millennial leaders to lead, engage and drive positive transformations.

Her approach is based on exhaustive research in Positive Psychology, Organizational communication, Millennial Leadership, Appreciative Inquiry and Coaching Conversations. Latha has captured the collective queries of her participants in her best-selling book, 21 Difficult Conversations: Tools to Navigate Your Most Important Talk and Master Exactly What to Say. Her accumulated credentials include a Ph.D. in management with her thesis on Positive Organizational Communication, MBA, a masters in psychology, MPhil in Organizational Communication and being a certified coach.