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Do you silently Tolerate? Try this instead

Tolerating is like trying to magically create a new option where it cannot exist. Tolerating is using a lot of energy in not taking an option and trying to stay in the middle ground. You will tire eventually and either give up or burst out in anger. there are two positive options while relating to imperfections in people.

Vetaal in the workplace – promotions, skills and leadership

Vetaal in the workplace adapts the concept of Vetaal – a wise vampire asking the right questions after narrating a great story to modern workplace situations. This story is taken from the original series. Are people who are promoted know how to manage?

The Leadership traits of the entitled generation

“The current generation has stumbled on an incredibly powerful and important model for changing the world and the workplace: the network.” The ten themes around which the Millennials today work and lead creates a paradigm shift in the dynamics of Organizational working.

9 micro-habits in communication that will change your life.

A small tiny habit change that is easy to do, does not take time and is too small to actually fail.
When it comes to communication, such micro habits are enough to bring a smile on people and improve relationships. Here are a list of 9 such micro habits that when done for a period of time can change your life.