Being passionate is just the beginning…

Latha Vijaybaskar

Dr Latha Vijaybaskar is a writer at heart. As a teenager she dreamt of writing stories that were gripping in narrative and aspirational in value. As an adult, she found such stories all around her. In her students’ dreams, in her client’s quest, in the battles, struggles and wins of everyday life.

As a certified career and leadership coach, Latha coaches individuals and teams to unleash their true potential, live the life of their dreams and build a career they aspire. Whether you are a student authoring the work life of your dreams, a seasoned leader transitioning to a new role or an ambitious individual stuck in a work life you don’t like, Latha through her coaching, workshops and writing helps you re-story your life. She has worked with high potential employees transitioning to leadership role, young leaders in B schools and the millennial workforce navigating their journey.

Her first book 21 Difficult Conversations – Tools to navigate your most important talk and master exactly what to say is both a bestseller and is used as a reference book in MBA colleges.

Latha Vijaybaskar has over 16 years’ experience as an academician, teaching Business Communication, Organizational Behavior and Career Leadership to the future generation in B schools in India and Dubai.

To build the life and career of your dreams, to rewrite your leadership narrative, to author your life reach out, book a free call today.

Certifications and accreditations:

  • Certified Leadership Coach – Certified Coaches Alliance, USA
  • Certified Executive Coach – Certified Coaches Alliance, USA
  • Certified practitioner of Marshall Goldsmith’s GLA360
  • Doctoral Research in employee engagement and communication.